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You’re not waiting for the aircraft, our aircraft is waiting for you !

We will take you, your shipment or goods anywhere in the Central Europe. And there’s no problem to take your animal with you.

We transport consignments with a maximum weight of 270 kg. We’ll handle with your shipment with the utmost care, caution and respect to the contents of the consignment.

We save your time on business trips around Europe, you travel faster and more comfortable. You will not be stucked in a traffic jam anymore.

Air transport of shipments all over the Europe.

You want to get the shipment to the other side of Europe as quickly as possible, and you can’t afford to wait? Is your shipment too fragile or valuable, and your scared to send it by regular delivery service due to destruction?

We are ready to transport your goods or shipment of different kind to the nearest airport in specified destination, or collect your goods and shipments and expressly deliver it to you!

We transport consignments with a maximum weight of 270 kg. With your shipment will be handle with the utmost care and caution with respect to the contents of the consignment.

Even a business trip can be enjoyable.

We have prepared an adventure flights full of fun, entertainment and relaxation. They will please you and your friends too.

You can relax on board of our private jet, which is here only for you.

We will arrange a private flight for you, which is going to be perfectly adapted to your possibilities. We are able to arrange the departure and arrival to the airport, which is closest to you.

You don´t have to leave your pets at home.

On board we take a dog, a cat, a rabbit, a guinea-pig and other animals. The small pets (small dogs, cats and rabbits) must be transported in a crate, a bag or a basket, or is necessary to transport them in a transportation container. Your dog must be on a lead and wear a muzzle.

Don’t forget to take all the documents of your animal friend, needed for traveling abroad.

You don’t have to pay extra money for small animals on board, everything is included in the price of the flight and the plane. Important is not to exceed a total weight of transported people including cargo, to whom we must count the animal travellers.

Why choose us?

Our prices are the best in the Czech Republic
We provide a discount up to 10% per flight hour for our regular customers
Safety is our main priority
Our aircraft are modern, reliable and in perfect condition
Our pilots are experienced, fully qualified and friendly
We always meet your needs to the best of our ability
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