Horkovzdušný balon OK-0025 Blue Sky Aviation

Hot air balloon flights


Fly with us and experience the beauty of Bohemia like never before!Surrender yourself to the heights in one of BLUE SKY AVIATION’S hot air balloons!

Float in the wind as the Earth slowly rotates beneath you. Even those who have already flown in a hot-air balloon confirm that this flight is one of the most memorable experiences of their lives. Enjoy the slow, steady movement above the fields and forests, rivers and lakes, hills and valleys.

As you sail upwards in the balloon basket the earth shrinks beneath you and everything looks like a child’s toy. You have the feeling that you are alone in the world; silence and peace dominate as you experience a sense of unbridled freedom. People who had previously been afraid of heights are speechless and forget their fear as they overlook the beauty of the world. The romantic’s heart exults while the tough guy’s heart softens.

With us:
– Experience a one hour flight over our beautiful Czech countryside.
– Champagne toast at the end of the flight.
– Voucher available immediately after ordering or in a gift package by mail.
– You can fly with us in summer or winter.
– Become one of the few people to fly in a balloon, as you enjoy a pleasant and friendly atmosphere.

Our hot-air balloon flights departure usually from Vrchovina near Cesky Raj, but we can agree on different place e.g from your garden.

Horkovzdušný balon OK-0025 Blue Sky Aviation



Vrchovina or your choice

Flight direction



1 day

Flight time

60 min

Price for 6 pax 23 990 CZK

Rent a balloon and a pilot

For most people ballooning is a remarkable experience that they remember fondly for a long time.

– The balloon itself is a very photogenic object that attracts the attention of onlookers, livens up any event, and boosts the atmosphere of corporate, social, and cultural events.
– Perfect for advertisement.
– You can take pictures or film from a balloon.
– It is ideal for teambuilding events and also a great surprise at graduations, weddings or anniversary parties.

We are happy to provide you with a balloon, a pilot, and all necessary accessories for an unforgettable flight at your event. We will help you plan and organize your flight. Our balloon is completely modern and can hold up to 7 people, including the pilot.

HOW TO USE A HOT AIR BALLOON AT YOUR EVENTS? There are two possibilities:
– Flight or
– The balloon is securely fastened to the ground and floats on the rope above the ground

Of course it is always possible to combine the two. The balloon can be anchored to the ground for some time and then take a flight.

Rental price depends on how you use the balloon and the rental period.

Tell us your idea. We will answer no later than the next day.

Why choose BLUE SKY AVIATION Balloon Rides?

Safety is our first priority!

Flight safety is dependent on meteorological information, which our pilots always consider before takeoff. The decision to take a flight is always made at the discretion of the pilot, who is fully responsible for the flight crew’s and your safety. We only fly in weather conditions that we consider safe. Our pilots are experienced balloonists. Each pilot has a pilot license and is certified with the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority). The balloon and basket are also certified and authorized to fly by the CAA.

Unbeatably low price!

We would like ballooning to be available to everyone, not only a privilege of the rich as it was in the last century. We would like you to enjoy the awesome feeling that we all experience during flight. Thanks to advertising on our balloon, we can offer you cheap balloon flights. The biggest reward for us is when we can share in your joy!

Extensive experience with ballooning!

Although BLUE SKY AVIATION is a newcomer in ballooning, our head of ballooning and main pilot is a man with large experience of flying balloons around the world.

New and Up to Date Balloon!

Our balloon is completely new and up to date. When purchasing it, we especially kept in mind our passengers’ comfort and safety. The walls of the basket are upholstered on the inside. This little detail increases the feeling of safety when you’re onboard. The floor of the basket is covered with a special softened mat that provides more space for you to enjoy your flight. Our balloon is custom designed and manufactured by the world-famous Czech company Kubicek Balloons spol. s.r.o.  Read more about our balloon.


From start to finish, ease your mind knowing that you are fully insured. All of our balloons and vehicles are commercially insured for passenger carrying operations. Our pilots are certified with commercial licenses and have extensive experience.

Give the gift of ballooning

Treat your loved ones and give a hot air balloon flight as a gift. A voucher will be sent to your email address immediately after ordering and paying. If you wish, we will send you a voucher by mail in a beautiful gift package for FREE. The voucher is valid for 6 months. I want to buy a gift voucher>











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