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  • BLUE SKY AVIATION is an international flight school located in the heart of Europe – Letnany Airport, Prague, Czech Republic. A full range of services are available at BLUE SKY AVIATION including student welfare services, student accommodation and transport, English language training, wide range of courses from private pilot to airline transport pilot, jet transition, flight instructor training…
  • We provide private air transportation and aircraft rental for time-building as well. We fly for your business and free time.
  • Our main priority is your safety and quality of services. Because we own our aircrafts, we have direct oversight of its condition, their regular service and we can afford great prices.

Do you want to become an aircraft pilot?

In our flight school we change people’s dreams into the reality friendly and helpfully using individual access. Discover the magic of flying!

If you decide to become our student the sample lesson is for FREE.

Write for free and without any obligation about our detailed guide for those interested in a pilot training.



Aircraft for 3 persons:  8 990 CZE per flight hour

Aircraft for 5 persons:  10 990 CZE per flight hour

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Why choose us?

Your safety is our main priority!

We will fly with you only in favourable weather conditions, and only in aircraft that are in perfect technical condition. The pilot has always the final word about the realization of the flight. Only then you can enjoy the true aviation experience, that you will never forget.

We have several years of experience!

Even though the company BLUE SKY AVIATION is a newcomer in commercial flying, our active pilot with many years of experience and the head of flight operations in one person, has in charge the flying section. Our company has other experienced pilots, some of them also steer the airliners  or are an flight instructors. All our pilots are certified to fly on specific types of aircraft that we hold.

Our prices are the lowest in the market!

Because we own all of our aircraft, we can afford to offer you a really low price for a flight. We would like to, that flying an aircraft is affordable for anyone who wants to fly. Do not hesitate, flying is an amazing experience and you will be satisfied with our price same, as your wallet.

A new modern aircraft, your comfort! 

Our aircraft are almost new or continuously upgraded and they constantly keep pace with modern times. They are equipped with the latest equipment to enhance safety and conformity of the flight, both for pilots and passengers. They have modern navigation and control instruments and also comfortable and renovated interiors.


Each passenger is fully insured from the departure to the landing of the aircraft. Each passenger is covered by liability insurance for damage caused by aircraft on the life and health in accordance with the “Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council (EC) no. 785/2004″.