Flight training in Prague



We secure flight training courses, ranging from private pilot to airline transport pilot.


You can try your own hand at flying an airplane. We explain you everything that is associated with flying and give you a chance to try to control the aircraft from the “command” seating.


We offer our aircraft for lease, for training, sightseeing, photography flights and also for flights to distant destinations. Our students can increase the number of flight hours, the so-called time-building. 

Do you want to become an aircraft pilot?

Test yourself as a pilot of a single-engine aircraft. Sample lesson at a great price! Discover the magic of flying!

If you decide to become our student the sample lesson is for FREE.

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Our training rooms and airport


Practical training: Prague Letňany Airport

Flight training runs from Letňany Airport, where we store our aircraft. During training you will land and take-off from various airports in the Czech Republic. We recommend that a part of the training should also take place abroad, so that students become familiar with the procedures for flights and landings at foreign airports.

Theoretical training: Prague Letňany Airport or Dlouhá 12, Prague 1

Our training rooms are located in the center of Prague in the beautiful gallery – Galerie Zlatá Husa or in our classrooms in the Letnany Airport. We want to meet our students’ needs, so it is possible to agree that the lessons can take place elsewhere, for example near your workplace or directly in your office.

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Our flees

Aircraft which we use for pilot training are generally the most widely used and most suitable for pilot training. All our aircraft are equipped with modern avionics used for flights in limited visibility ie. Instrument Flight Rules (IFR). The same avionics is used in large transport and airline aircraft, which is particularly appreciated by those who want to pursue flying at professional level.
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Our flight school instructors


The Head of training and the chief flight instructor at our flight school is one of the most experienced pilots and instructors in the Czech Republic, Mr. Kamil Skála.

Under his direct supervision we cooperate with several experienced and certified flight instructors, some of them work as pilots of airliners.

All our instructors speak fluent English.
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cessna 172 sp


Departure: Prague Letňany Airport

Plane: Cessna 172SP

Length of flight: 30 min

Price for 1 person + 2 pax
5 490 CZK


Departure: Prague Letňany Airport

Plane: Cessna 172M

Length of flight: 30 min

Price for 1 person + 2 pax
4 490 CZK

Why choose us?

  • Our prices are the best in the Czech Republic
  • We provide a discount up to 10% per flight hour for our regular customers
  • Safety is our main priority
  • Our aircraft are modern, reliable and in perfect condition
  • Our pilots and instructors are experienced, fully qualified and friendly
  • We always meet your needs to the best of our ability