Price of a pilot training


The cost of learning to fly will vary from person to person depending on a number of factors. The thing we want to emphasize here is that when it comes to learning to fly, you should never let cost be the only determining factor of where you choose to learn to fly. What you should look for is MAXIMUM VALUE and the QUALITY of the training you will be receiving. When it comes to learning to fly, CHEAP is rarely a good thing. Three factors to consider when budgeting for your flying lessons are as follows:

  1. What are your ultimate goals?
  2. With your goals in mind; what type of aircraft, simulator, etc. will best help you to reach those goals?
  3. Do you have the time for training?

Your goals for learning to fly will have a significant impact on how your overall flight training will be conducted. If you are interested in learning to fly for recreational purposes, then training in an airplane with lower avionic equipment can be significantly less expensive than compared to the business person who will ultimate want to fly in high performance aircraft with equipment for instrument flights. Even your time plays an important role in the final price for your pilot training. Will you have time to completing lessons so that you master each phase of training in an optimal timeframe, which is about 4-8 months and do not have big downtimes between lessons? Time delays in training just cause the fact that you will have more repeat and will purchase additional hours for training flying so your pilot training will get more expensive.

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Cost of the basic pilot’s training

The cost of pilot training for individual pilot licences is determined by the number of flight hours in the syllabus, the time of ground preparation and the extent of theoretical education in the classroom. Additionally, there are handling and landing fees paid to individual airports, fees paid to the authority for examinations and fees for obtaining the necessary training privileges.

The cost of pilot training typically consists from:

  • Training aircraft rental, usually Cessna 172
  • Training instructor
  • Theoretical education
  • Landing and handling fees
  • Examination and administrative fees paid to the authority

As part of the training package our flight school will provide you (at no additional cost) with:

The final cost of pilot training depends on the number of flight hours and chosen type of aircraft. In the table below you will find minimum flight hours as prescribed by PART FCL-1.

Length of training
PPL(A) – Private pilot license 45 52 3-6 months
NR – Night Rating 5 8 1-2 weeks
EIR – En-road Instrument Rating 15 27 1 month
IR – Instrument Rating 15 35 78 2-4 months
CPL(A) – Commercial pilot license 15 40 1-2 months
MEP – Multi-engine Piston 6 13 2 weeks
COURSES Simulator
Length of training
Basic IFR for VFR pilots 3,5 5 2-3 weeks
Garmin 1000 VFR 2 1 4 4 h
Garmin 1000 IFR 3 2 6 6 h
Type Rating Cessna T206H 3 8 8 h
Type Rating Cessna 350 Corvalis 2 5 5 h

Pricelist of the BLUE SKY AVIATION

Cessna 172M VFR/IFR/NIGHT 3 800 CZK 4 600 CZK
Cessna 172SP VFR/IFR/NIGHT 4400 CZK 5320 CZK
Cessna 350 Corvalis VFR/IFR/NIGHT 7900 CZK 9560 CZK
Cessna T206H VFR/IFR/NIGHT 8900 CZK 10770 CZK
Instructor VFR – EN 700 CZK 850 CZK
Instructor IFR – EN 900 CZK 1090 CZK
Simulator FNPT II *** 2500 CZK 3030 CZK
Simulator L39 with virtual reality 1200 CZK 1450 CZK
Simulator Cessna 172 700 CZK 850 CZK
THEORETICAL EDUCATION Price w/o VAT per course* Price w VAT per course*
PPL(A) Theory individual 15 990 CZK 19 350 CZK
ICAO English – course individ.
ICAO English – exam 3 000 CZK 3 630 CZK
*Price per flight hour, **Price per TACHO, *** Price for simulator FNPT II does not include price for instructor.

Payments for training are usually divided into several deposit payments during the training. It always depends on individual agreement between the school and the student. Usual structure is a deposit / credit for training of 30-50 thousand CZK. The credit is regularly billed and you are prompted to refill the account when running low.

The so-called “flight hour” is defined by Part FCL-1 as the time from the moment the aircraft starts moving under its own power to the complete stop of the aircraft after the landing, ie the off-block to on-block time. Such flight time is also recorded into the student’s logbook and his / her training documentation. This time is not identical to the TACH hour, based on which we bill the rent of the aircraft for training and time-building.

Engine, or “TACH hour” is the engine’s operating time from the moment you increase the power, manifold pressure increases and the engine’s clock starts running. The TACH hour is measured by the tachometer directly in the aircraft, and is also used for scheduling aircraft’s maintenance. The TACH time is recorded in the Aircraft’s Technical Log and Aircraft’s logbook. We bill our clients based on the TACH time for both flight training and time-building purposes. The TACH time is typically shorter than the actual flight time recorded. Be careful not to confuse TACH with HOBS, HOBS is the longest time measured and is not directly dependent on the aircraft’s movement.

Additional cost of flight training to be considered:

Handling and landing fees:

Airport charges vary at different airports and range from 0 to 400 CZK per landing. The exception are airports with international traffic, where charges are in the order of thousands of crowns, such as Praha Vaclav Havel Airport, Brno Tuřany, Ostrava Mošnov. During the training, you will make a total of approximately 100 landings. As part of the training, we optimize your landing fees by choosing appropriate training airports.

  • The landing fee at Letňany airport is 400 CZK including VAT.

Examinations and fees paid to the Authority:

  • Theoretical exam for private pilots: 5000 CZK
  • Practical examination for private pilots with an authorized examiner: approximately 1500 CZK
  • The price for the practical test is still to be added for the rental of the aircraft which is usually around 1.5 flight hours.

Obtaining the necessary authorizations

  • Medical certificate 2nd grade (PPL, IR): 1500 – 2500 CZK
  • Medical certificate 1st grade(CPL,ATPL): 20 000 – 24 000 CZK
  • Radiotelephony operator license: 600 CZK
  • Pilot’s liability insurance: 4000 – 7000 CZK/year

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