Flight simulator


Trainees of our flight school have the possibility to use a flight simulator during their pilot training. The merit of flight simulator is that they can get acquainted with the aircraft at much a lower cost than in case of using real aircraft. Another merit is also that one can fly and train even if the weather conditions are adversary.

Flight simulator makes it possible to train all activities at safety; it is possible to stop the simulation at any moment and give the trainee the explanation as needed. After the trainee has managed the pilotage on a simulator, the practical training can be continued on real aircraft without stress or fear of failure, which makes the trainee feel comfortable during a real flight.

Our flight school has 2 flight simulators.

The other flight simulator used for training of our trainees resembles an aircraft cockpit, which makes the trainee feel like in a real airplane. The simulator system is based on Microsoft Flight Simulator X software, using VR virtual reality, which guarantees a very realistic experience. This software offers a top PC simulation with an adequate hardware configuration so that the system is able to re-calculate, in real time, the actual landscape, weather, aircraft in the surroundings etc. The output is projected onto a large 1920×1080 high-definition monitor. The simulator also includes another, smaller, monitor, which visualizes the airplane´s dashboard with its instruments.

This flight simulator has all control elements of the given aircraft which is simulated. It is excellent for basic pilotage training, both VFR (Visual Flight Rules) and IFR (Instrument Flight Rules).

The most frequently simulated airplanes are C172 or C172SP equipped with Garmin G1000 avionics and L39 Albatros.

This flight simulator is placed in the classrooms at the Letnany Airport.

The simulator systems are based on Microsoft Flight Simulator X software. The simulators have all ordinary control elements as a real airplane. The flight simulator software makes it possible to simulate a great number of various situations and flight conditions, which pilots can actually encounter in real situations. The simulator can simulate almost any large airport in the world, so even the trainees can afford the feeling of landing e.g. on large European or American airports without leaving Prague.

This flight simulator is placed in the office of our flight school; its hardware consists of a PC desktop with a monitor, a control stick and pedals – our trainees have access to this flight simulator free of charge, based on agreement.

Some parts of pilot training can be performed on certified FNPT II simulators, where usually a part of IR, CPL and MCC training is carried out. It applies to the simulators of Boeing 737NG, Airbus A320, ATR 42, or e.g. Cessna 182 Skylane.

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