FNPT II simulator

Type of aircraft ELITE EVOLUTION FNPT II G1000
Date of manufacture 2018

Technical specification

Fully certified by EASA dle PART FSTD for pilot training in flight schools
Fully real and functional equipment of the Cessna C172S G1000
Real G1000 SBAS avionics
SBAS avionic module for PBN and LPV approach
Integrated support DCL ( Dynamic Control Loading )
Parabolic screen with 270 degrees o field of view
Topography and real 3D visualization
Real Jeppesen database


Garmin 1000, integrated autopilot GFC700, power socket 12V, ADF, NDB, DCL, SBAS, Audiopanel Garmin, Electrical and manual trim, instructors station


Elite Evolution S812 FNPT II G1000:

  • Is EASA certified professional flight simulator from prestigious Swiss company Elite with more than 20 years of experience in the professional simulators market.
  • It is a ideal platform for the flight schools, where the students may use portion of their flight training on this simulator and safe costs during the flight training and also increase theirs skills in practice of any abnormal or emergency situations.
  • Pilots may use Elite Evolution G1000 simulator with the state-of-the-art glasscockpit technology for theirs IR/SE training and also will have an access to the newest PBN procedures with SBAS and LPV technology. Garmin G1000 avionics is supplied with fully integrated digital autopilot GFC700 from Garmin and 12V electrical supply for iPad charging.
  • As the simulator is replica of Cessna C172S G1000, the same airplane Blue Sky Aviation flight schools uses for the IR flight training – the student will feel right at home during the real flight training with very excellent knowledge of Garmin G1000 system.


Simulator includes mock cabin where the student is sitting with the Instructors station behind it. Also includes parabolical screen with 270 degrees field of view which gives very real sense of flying in IMC conditions. The Instructor station is right behind the student in the mock cabin, where an instructor may control the simulation, weather, emergency and abnormal procedures, and many more.
In the simulator itself is physical and real Garmin G1000 SBAS avionics module which 100% functional as the avionics in the real aircraft. The student may be training the classical IFR navigation via the HSI, RMI and ADF/NDB or use the most modern GPS navigations system as RNAV, GPS SBAS with the Flight Director and usage of the autopilot system.

Price of the flight hour / simulator rental

1 flight hour

2 500 CZK

The price is without VAT and for one flight hour.
Prices are for rental of the simulator without the flight instructor.

Rental requirements for the Elite FNPT II Simulator:

Flight schools with partnership may use the Elite Evolution FNPT II G1000 for their trainings on the signed contract basis with the Blue Sky Aviation.
Blue Sky  Aviation is providing or may provide Flight Instructor services for IR  and PPL training on this particular simulator.
Blue Sky Aviation may provide training course how to operate simulator for partner flight schools.