Ultralight aircraft pilot training – you can get your ULL license at our aviation school

Our flight school has newly acquired the “Certificate of Pilot Training Center” issued by the Light Aircraft Association of the Czech Republic. Thanks to this, we have expanded our portfolio of training courses with a new course for developing an ultralight pilot skills and obtaining a Ultralight Aircraft Pilot License (ULL).

The Ultralight Aircraft Pilot License (ULL) is intended for hobby, recreational and sport flying. This license entitles the pilot to fly a single-engine ultralight (UL) or sport flying devices (SLZ).

More about the ULL training course:

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The aircraft is designed for pilot training – the ultra light license (ULL) and recreational and sport flying. 

SKYLEADER 400 aircraft introduces a new mid-line model, the UL/LSA category, a racy ‘sports car-inspired’ aircraft. Having trapezoidal wings with 80 liters of fuel endurance, available simple instrument panel, it appeals directly to sport aviation enthusiasts.

More about the airplane: HERE.

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