Our aviation school is an approved organization for training pilots from Ukraine

BLUE SKY AVIATION Aviation School has been certified by the Civil Aviation Authority of Ukraine and has been authorized to conduct pilot training for obtaining Ukrainian pilot licenses and qualifications.

Training authorization has been granted to our flight school BLUE SKY AVIATION for the entire range of courses provided, including the use of our simulators for training.

Citizens of Ukraine and pilots with a Ukrainian pilot’s license can renew their qualifications with us or do pilot training in the range from zero to airline transport pilot.

List of BLUE SKY AVIATION training courses – aeroplanes:

  • ATP(A) – airline transport pilot (aeroplane) – integrated course
  • ATPL(A) – airline transport pilot (aeroplane) – modular theoretical knowledge instruction course
  • CPL(A) – commercial pilot (aeroplane)
  • PPL(A) – private pilot (aeroplane)
  • LAPL(A) – light aircraft pilot (aeroplane)
  • NIGHT(A) – night rating (aeroplane)
  • MEP land – multi-engine piston aeroplanes (land)
  • IR(A) – instrument rating (aeroplane)
  • CB-IR(A) – competency-based instrument rating (aeroplane)
  • BIR – basic instrument rating
  • MCC – multi-crew co-operation course
  • FCL.745.A Advanced UPRT – aeroplanes
  • PBN – performance-based navigation training
  • Aerobatics – aerobatic rating
  • FI(A) – flight instructor (aeroplane)
  • IRI(A) – instrument rating instructor (aeroplane)
  • CRI(ME) – class rating instructor (multi-engine aeroplane)
  • MCCI – multi-crew cooperation instructor
  • FCL.915(e) Advanced UPRT instructor – aeroplanes
  • C208 – type training
  • EMB 500/505 – rating training course for take-of and landings only

List of BLUE SKY AVIATION training courses – helicopters:

  • CPL(H) – commercial pilot (helicopter)
  • PPL(H) – private pilot (helicopter)
  • LAPL(H) – light aircraft pilot (helicopter)
  • NIGHT(H) – night qualification (helicopter)
  • FI(H) – flight instructor (helicopter)
  • Cabri G2 – type training
  • EC120B – type training

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