BLUE SKY AVIATION is a Cessna Pilot Center


BLUE SKY AVIATION is a Cessna Pilot Center

Our company BLUE SKY AVIATION has joined the network of flight schools bearing the title of Cessna Pilot Center, or CPC®. In all of Europe, there are only 6 flight schools that carry the Cessna Pilot Center title. Our flight school is rightfully proud of this title.

“This is a great success for us!” says the owner of the company, Igor Šlajchrt. “Thanks to our cooperation with the Cessna Pilot Center, we have direct access to modern and professionally processed educational materials, but also support in purchasing, using, and maintaining Cessna training aircraft.”

What is the Cessna Pilot Center?

The Cessna Pilot Center network – CPC® – is the longest-standing and largest group of flight schools in the history of aviation. Its inception dates back to 1970, when the cooperation between flight schools resulted in the sharing of best practices that are unmatched by any other. With the support of Cessna, training at a Cessna Pilot Center means that you are training with the best. Cessna Pilot Centers use syllabi written by Cessna, a leader in pilot training. Over the past few decades, Cessna has taught tens of thousands of pilots to fly. Cessna Pilot Centers provide structured and practice-proven flight training, resulting in faster study progress, a higher level of knowledge upon completion of training, and above all, safe and educated pilots.

Who can become a Cessna Pilot Center?

Flight schools are carefully selected to join the Cessna Pilot Center network, so as to provide students with the best training methods and procedures. Cessna not only produces unique training aircraft but also a unique training platform for student pilots. It’s no coincidence that Cessna aircraft are the most used training aircraft in the world and the CPC network is the largest network of flight schools. To become part of the Cessna Pilot Center network, a flight school must meet a number of criteria. These basic requirements include the need for a modern fleet, aircraft equipment, and meeting standards for pilot training. The flight school is then directly approved by Textron Aviation, the American manufacturer of Cessna aircraft.

Additional benefits for Cessna Pilot Center pilots

Upon completion of training at a CPC flight school, Cessna provides assistance and privileged purchasing options for the pilot’s first Cessna aircraft. CPC offers not only quality pilot training but subsequently a top-notch aircraft for your journeys. You will no longer need any boarding passes; you will have control over your departures and destinations.