Czech CAA published new questions for the PPL(A/H) theoretical test


Civil Aviation Authority of Czech Republic has published new test questions for the PPL and LAPL (A/H) theory tests on 1.12.2020, which will be valid from 01.01.2021.

The main difference is that now the database of questions for the tests is 75% public, the rest is confidential. However, the same ratio, i.e. 75% to 25%, is also applied to the questions contained in the PPL and LAPL (A/H) theory tests.

BLUE SKY AVIATION will process the published part of the questions in both Czech and English into our e-learning portal during December and they will be available for students to practice in the school’s e-learning together with the extensive database of questions we already use in our school to practice their knowledge and prepare for the CAA theoretical exams.

Download the test questions in PDF:

Test questions for the Czech language exams can be found on the CAA website here:

The test questions for the English language exams can be found on the Aircademy website here: