Guimbal Cabri helicopter and helicopter pilot training course


The Guimbal Cabri helicopter and the helicopter pilot training course

With the increase in car traffic, the traffic situation throughout the Czech Republic and Europe is rapidly deteriorating. Going to a meeting in Brno by car today is almost an adventure, and it is never possible to predict the arrival time.

Are you looking for an alternative for your travels? We have it for you. A helicopter!

With a helicopter, you can:

  • Attend several meetings and negotiations in just one day.
  • Fly out for an excellent dinner or a summer lunch in a nice restaurant surrounded by nature.
  • Have a swim in a lake that you have all to yourself.
  • Take a trip where you can enjoy the beauty of Czech nature from a low altitude.
  • Or embark on the journey of becoming a professional helicopter pilot and fly for air rescue.

If at least one sentence has caught your interest, please, read on.

Helicopters are extraordinarily complex machines with demanding piloting requirements, and perhaps for this reason, many have been fascinated by them since early childhood. The demand for helicopters has been increasing globally in recent years, as has their use in private passenger transport and for private flying.

For these reasons and more, we at Blue Sky Aviation have decided to launch a private helicopter pilot training program PPL(H) using the state-of-the-art Guimbal Cabri G2 helicopter. The Cabri G2 perfectly complements the entire philosophy of our company, where we strive to use absolutely the best and most modern equipment available on the market.

In the basic aviation training for a private helicopter pilot PPL(H), you will learn the basic controls of a helicopter, how to hover, navigate flights, land in confined spaces, fly to international airports, and much more. Obtaining a private pilot license also includes passing theoretical exams at the civil aviation authority. You will be taught by instructors such as former pilots of the Czech Republic Air Force helicopters or the Czech Republic champion in helicopter flying. For airplane pilots, credit can be given towards the PPL(H) training hours.

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Guimbal Cabri G2

Why Cabri? Safety, safety, and again safety.

The Cabri was designed by former Eurocopter (Airbus Helicopters) engineer Mr. Bruno Guimbal with a primary focus on safety and modernity of the entire helicopter. It’s often affectionately nicknamed the “Baby Eurocopter” for a good reason.

And why is it actually so safe? There are several reasons.

First, the Cabri was designed, built, and produced in the 21st century, so all components are very modern, from the design to the rotor system, utilizing carbon materials. It is fully certified by EASA. The quality of craftsmanship and production corresponds to the long aviation manufacturing tradition in France.

For longer journeys, there is a separate storage space behind the pilot’s cabin. In the cockpit, you will find a modern glass cockpit interface, including a simple engine power percentage indicator. The crew cabin is made of a carbon monocoque, which is characterized by its extraordinary resistance to impact while also being lightweight. The seats for pilots are on special hydraulic mounts that allow for emergency landings up to 2000 ft/min vertical speed, where serious internal injury to the crew should not occur. Additionally, there is a three-blade rotor system with carbon blades that ensure very pleasant and safe flight characteristics in both normal and abnormal flight modes, including reduced vibrations. The tail rotor is designed as a Fenestron, which greatly reduces noise pollution and is efficient under all circumstances. The landing gear consists of skids that can handle almost any terrain. The Cabri helicopter crew consists of two pilots, or one pilot and one passenger.

The Cabri is powered by the decades-proven and very reliable Lycoming O-360 engine with 180 horsepower, which is derated to 145 horsepower, thereby adding to safety since the engine is less stressed. The power is transmitted to the three-blade rotor system through the main gearbox. This power gives the Cabri a cruising speed of around 180 km/h and a range of over 600 km.

The first Cabri was delivered in 2008 and since then has enjoyed extraordinary commercial and user success. And since 2015, it has been the best-selling fully certified two-seater helicopter in the world.

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