Landing at V. Havel Airport, Prague – Ruzyne


Landing at V. Havel International Airport, Prague – Ruzyne. An amazing experience not only for pilots!

We have prepared an extraordinary experience for fans and aviation enthusiasts. Landing at Václav Havel International Airport in Prague Ruzyně can be enjoyed not only by pilots but also by the general public.

Landing at an international airport like Václav Havel Airport in Prague – Ruzyně is an amazing experience you will remember for a long time. Although you will fly in a “small” single-engine aircraft, you will receive the same service from the airport as large commercial airplanes!

We will fly to the airspace around the airport, which is closed to regular general aviation traffic. The approach and landing communication with the airport tower, navigating for landing, watching heavy air traffic, all directly from the cockpit of the airplane and the pilot’s seat, is fantastic. An experienced instructor who will fly with you will land and communicate for non-pilots.

Landing at Václav Havel International Airport in Prague – Ruzyně is a great adrenaline experience that you won’t easily find elsewhere, and you will remember it for a long time.

We will most often land on runway RWY30. After landing, the handling service will guide us to Terminal 3, where we will take a moment to rest, take photos, and prepare ourselves and the airplane for departure.

The experience itself is designed as a trial flight by a pilot with a landing at Václav Havel Airport in Prague-Ruzyně. During the flight outside the airport, you will try to control the airplane yourself in ascent or descent, make basic turns, and navigate using common aviation instruments. Since the aircraft is equipped with dual control, you can enjoy everything calmly and under the supervision of the co-pilot, who can immediately correct the flight. Only an experienced instructor from our flying school will take off and land for you, both at the departure airport and at Václav Havel Airport.

The flight is preceded by a short pre-flight briefing, where you and the instructor will plan the flight over a map, check the current weather conditions, and inspect the aircraft.

You can also bring your friends and relatives on board as companions and support. A total of 1 person can fly as a companion.

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