Miroslav Volf – Recreational flight above the High Tatras


“Recreational flight above the High Tatras
Our weekend plane trip to the Tatra Mountains was amazing. I have to commend the company on absolutely everything: the flight itself, especially the amazing flight over the High Tatras, our both superb and friendly pilot Jenda Kopsa, our luxury hotel accommodation, including transport, meals and the use of the wellness center, and the magnificent surroundings of the High Tatras. The only little cloud over the weekend was that strong winds on Sunday prevented us from taking the cable car to Lomnický peak. Despite this, at least we managed to go by cable car with Kuba to Skalnaté pleso (Rocky Mountain Lake) in the afternoon. Yes, and again the clouds made it impossible for us to make a low flyover of the Low Tatras and Fatras on our return journey, as originally planned. But an added bonus was a stopover for refueling at Brno Airport and what was virtually a night time landing at Letňany Airport. So, we actually got to experience absolutely everything during our flight. But, even so, in the end we have nothing but the very best memories of this trip. Máťa thoroughly enjoyed the flight and the whole weekend and these days that’s really what’s most important for us. All the other things happening around us are mere trivialities.

To conclude, I’d like to very much thank you and the entire Blue Sky Aviation team for making our Matěj’s fantastic flying wish come true for him and for all the family. And, of course, we would especially like to thank all of those who made donations to Matěj’s Pink Bubble account for making it possible for him to go on this trip. We mustn’t forget the Krolák family who deserve very special thanks.

Give my regards to your husband Igor and pass on our thanks to him for making the time before the flight a pleasant one, and to our pilot Jenda for his perfect piloting and the super flight and to the Krolák family for our amazing stay at the Grand Hotel Prague. And of course my warmest greetings and a big thanks to you personally …. ”