NEW COURSE: Basic instrument rating BIR(A)


EASA standards offer pilots a new qualification for instrument flying on single-pilot airplanes (SE): Basic Instrument Rating or BIR(A).

BIR(A) is primarily intended for private pilots who need to fly in adverse weather conditions where the use of on-board instruments is essential for safe flight.

The BIR is a simplified instrument rating for private pilots, replacing the former En-road Instrument Rating (EIR).

The BIR qualification includes simplified theory and shortened flight training compared to the classic instrument rating IR(A) qualification for professional pilots. The only difference from the IR qualification is the higher minima at which a pilot with this qualification is authorized to fly. For more information, see the IR/CBIR/BIR qualifications comparison table.

First BIR(A) training course in the Czech Republic

BLUE SKY AVIATION is the first flight school in the Czech Republic certified to provide pilot training for the Basic Instrument Rating, offering both a flight training course and a separate theory course:

  • Basic Instrument Rating – theory course: The first BIR theory course will start on 18.4.2022, like our other theory courses, will be conducted through distance learning via our e-Learning platform, complemented by online consultations with our instructors. The course duration is 8 weeks. Graduates subsequently take the BIR exam at the Civil Aviation Authority.
  • Basic Instrument Rating – flight training: BIR flight training can begin at any time during the year. The only requirement is to meet the entry conditions for starting the course.