New: Guimbal Cabri G2 helicopter in BSA fleet


NEW: Guimbal Cabri G2 in the BSA fleet

From the GUIMBAL factory in Les Milles in Provence, France, we arrived in January with a brand new Guimbal Cabri G2 helicopter. Now, this new helicopter is available for training and rental with the call sign OK-HKI.

Photographs from the ferry flight of our new helicopter OK-HKI from the factory in France to its home base at Kladno Airport:

This is a two-seater, fully certified helicopter that ranks among the safest helicopters of its class. In the cockpit, you will find a modern glass cockpit including advanced navigation from Garmin. The crew cabin is made of a carbon monocoque, which is characterized by its exceptional resistance to impact while also being lightweight. The pilot seats are on special hydraulic mounts that allow emergency landings up to 2000 ft/min vertical speed without causing serious injury to the crew.

The three-blade rotor system ensures very pleasant and safe flight characteristics both in normal and abnormal flight modes, including reduced vibrations. The Fenestron type tail rotor reduces noise pollution and is efficient under all circumstances. The landing gear consists of skids that can handle almost any terrain. Behind the pilot’s cabin, there is a separate storage space.

The Cabri is powered by a very reliable Lycoming O-360 engine with 180 horsepower, which is derated to 145 horsepower, thereby again increasing safety as the engine is less strained. The power is transmitted through the main gearbox to the three-blade rotor system. This power gives the Cabri a cruising speed of around 180 km/h and a range of over 700 km.

OK-HKI, with its emphasis on safety and simple flight characteristics, is ideal for flight training, as well as for your local flights and for your time-building. Although the helicopter is brand new with the latest equipment, the price per flight hour remains the same.

Type of helicopterGUIMBAL Cabri G2
Year of production2021

Technical data
Speed100 knots ( 180 km/h )
Crew1 pilot, 1 pax
Range700 km
Power145 hp
VFR/NIGHT, motor Textron Lycoming O360-J2A, Garmin GTN 635 Xi, Garmin 500 TXi,  GPS, ELT, S Mode Transponder, Fenestron, Governor

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