Together with our partner flight school AirLink in Salzburg, Austria we decided to create for you demanding and complex flying course which is absolutely unique in the Czech Republic and may very highly increase your pilot skills and experience. You will experience flying and operating the Cessna C172 in the atypical and very demanding environment of Alps, valley, ridges and high altitudes.

The Blue Sky Aviation flight school is historically first flight school in the Czech Republic to offer professional flight training course of how to operate and fly in the mountains, in the Austrian Alps.

Flying and navigation in the mountainous areas are having its own difficulties and requirements and it is not desirable to learn it by trial and error. Under supervision of very experienced local Austrian professional pilots and flight instructors with more than 15 years of flight experience in the Alps region you will be able to learn the basic and more advance techniques how to fly and operate the aircraft safely. You will learn how to better understand the aircraft performance in high density altitudes and rapidly changing weather conditions and much more.

Course description:

The three day course will include 4 hours of classroom based theory in AirLink offices in Salzburg LOWS airport, where you will learn basic theory how to fly in the mountains, Austrian airspace, required flight techniques and procedures and also how to decode local weather phenomenas. Also the Salzburg airport will become your homebase for you flights in to the Alps.

On Saturdays monrning you will begin with the preflight brefing with experienced flight instructors which you will later on fly with. You start your flight from Salzburg and head to one of the airports located in the Alps of Zell am See LOWZ, Innsbruck LOWI, St Johann/Tirol LOIJ, Niederoblarn LOGO, Trieben LOGi, where you switch over with an another pilot. You will also train procedures how to fly in the valley, over the mountain ridges and even it will include your high altitude flight ( 10 000 ft + ) when crossing the mountain range.

As a bonus you may visit The Flying Bulls HQ in the Hangar 7 where you would be able to see all of the historical aircraft and then have a dinner in the beautiful Salzburg city center.

On completion of the course you will be provided with the certificate „ Alpine Flying Course“ and also you will gather valuable experience, knowledge and flight time.


Length of the course: 3 days friday – sunday
Place: Salzburg / LOWS theoretical and flight training
Training aircraft: Cessna 172S OK-PRW, Blue Sky Aviation
Instructors: Flight School AirLink Austrian partner school

Theory training 4 hours classroom lesson
Flight training 3 hours plus flights as a crow
Briefing/debriefing 3 hours individual consultations

Training airport: Zell am See LOWZ, Innsbruck LOWI, St Johann/Tirol LOIJ, Niederoblarn LOGO, Trieben LOGI


  • to be a holder of the pilot license PPL(A) at least
  • aviation ICAO English – Level 4 at least

Benefits of the course:

1) Theoretical knowledge to be able to safely plan and perform flights in the mountainous regions including the local accidents reports. You will also learn how to asses very rapidly changing weather situations in the Alps.

2) Practical flight experience:

  • Short – Field Landing and Takeoff Techniques
  • High Altitude flight over the mountain range
  • Valley flying
  • Local meteorogical phenomenas
  • High Density Altitude Aircraft Performance
  • Aviation English Comunication
  • Abnormal and Emergency Procedures over the unshospitable terrain






0 – ATPL