In accordance with EASA standards: PART-FCL

The Airline Transport Pilot License ATPL(A) is the highest level of aircraft pilot certification. The Airline Transport Pilot License ATPL (A) authorizes a pilot to operate as a co-pilot or pilot-in-command on airliner in commercial air transport. The license is allowed to operate flights for private and commercial purposes, can take passengers on board and fly for a fee or without. A pilot can obtain the Airline Transport Pilot License only if he/she has completed an ATPL (A) theory course at an approved pilot training school and has successfully passed the ATPL theory exams at the Civil Aviation Authority.


Flight training not applied
Theory course 68 hours of consultations

Age 17 years old at least
License PPL(A)
English advance knowledge
Education Knowledge of Mathematics and Physics

Course length 8-18 months


The Airline Transport Pilot theory course is one of the important and necessary milestones in your professional aviation career. If you want to become an airline transport pilot you have to pass the ATPL(A) theory course and then successfully pass all the theory exams in the Civil Aviation Authority. In the course you will get all the necessary theoretical knowledge to obtain a commercial pilot licence (CPL) and an instrument rating (IR) qualification and become an airline transport pilot. Both qualifications are required to have before you apply for the job as a first officer in airlines. After you have gained the required experience as an first officer in airlines you get an opportunit to apply for the ATPL (A) pilot license. The Airline Transport Pilot License ATPL (A) authorizes a pilot to operate as a co-pilot or pilot-in-command in commercial airline transport. The license holders are allowed to operate flights for private and commercial purposes, can take passengers on board and fly for a fee or without. With this license you are a real professional airline transport pilot.


  • At least 17 years of age to begin the course
  • At least hold a valid PPL(A) license issued in accordance with the Chicago Convention
  • Sufficient level of knowledge of Mathematics and Physics proved with high school diploma in Mathematics and/or Physics, otherwise Mathematics and Physics written examination at Blue Sky Aviation
  • Sufficient level of English

Length of training:

  • 8 – 18 months – 650 hours
  • of which 68 classroom hours*

*Minimum number of hours

Credits for previous experience: Holders of the CPL(A) license will be credited with 250 hours and holders of the IR rating will be credited with 150 hours of theoretical knowledge instruction towards the ATPL course.

ATPL(A) Theoretical knowledge course:


  • Distance learning course with virtual learning and video conferencing
  • Courses start 6 times during a year
  • eLearning – unique computer based self-study training
  • Individual consultations with instructors using video conferencing
  • Study textbooks and supplementary materials are included in the course price


The Airline Transport Pilot theory course in our flight school is distance learning course. A program of the course consists of self-study and classroom time which includes video conferencing. The self-study time is 85% of the total course time. BLUE SKY AVIATION offers students a unique and comprehensive ground theory computer-based training system for self-study. Minimum of 68 hours are consultations. The consultations are carried out in virtual classroom lessons led by an instructor. Virtual classroom lessons are organized as a video conference. To join the consultations a laptop or tablet with a camera and wifi is all you need.

The whole ATPL theoretical knowledge course is organized in eight-week terms/courses with a fixed start and end dates throughout the year separated by short breaks to allow students to catch up with outstanding work. The total length of the course is 18 months. This length can be shortened by increasing an intensity of study.

After enrolment, students are provided with a recommended study plan where they can see the term start and end dates. Students enrols into individual subject/course at their own discretion, respecting the total ATPL(A) course duration and the requirement to study “core” subjects before advancing to the others. In each term, students are recommended to be enrolled in two courses. The maximum number of courses enrolled at once is limited to 4 at any given time. Students should schedule the courses in a manner as to be able to complete all of them within 18 months from the date of beginning of the first course.

Each course is scheduled to last 7 weeks of active learning and 1 week of testing. For each week, student are presented with a recommended reading list, assignments and progress worksheet/test. The 8th week of each course is dedicated to revision and the final test in each subject.

Classroom consultations are held throughout the year on days published by BSA in the term schedule according to the demand.

Subjects of the ATPL(A) theory course:

Air law; airframe and systems, electrics, power plant and emergency equipment; aircraft general knowledge – instrumentation; mass and balance; performance; flight planning and monitoring; human performance and limitations; meteorology; general navigation; radio navigation; operational procedures; principles of flight; communications

Price course ATPL (A) theory in the range of 650 hours:

Course dates:









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