Airport name Flugplatz Vilshofen
State Germany
Conditions VFR
Flight time 1 way 40-80 min
Departure Kladno – Velká Dobrá Airport

One day trip

Airport information

General information

Elevation 991 ft / 302 m
Coordinates 48° 38′ 6″ N,    13° 11′ 42″ E
Hours of operation 9:00 – 19:00/7
RWY 12/30
Landing fees 20 Euro


VILSHOFEN Info 119.175
München Information 120.650

Flight maps


Variants of flight


CEESSNA 172 80 minutes flight
COLUMBIA 350 40 minutes flight

Points of interest

  • Passau – The airport is near the beautiful town of Passau, at the confluence of the Danube, Inn and Ilz rivers.
  • Dunaj – The town of Vilshofen is situated at the bank of the Danube river with a beautiful approach over the river.
  • Restaurant – There is a restaurant with an excellent cuisine and great coffee right at the airport.
  • Vilshofen – The town itself is beautiful and definitely worth seeing.


All our aircraft are equipped with instruments for comfortable and safe flight.garmin1000_400X267

  • Garmin 1000
  • GPS
  • S-XPDR transponder
  • 8,33 Hz frequency
  • Autopilot
  • Regularly updated database Jeppesen

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Přeškolení pro piloty Cessna 350 Corvalis

Safetypilot service

  • We provide all necessary materials for pre-flight planning
  • All the pre-flight preparation and planning is done along with the safety pilot
  • Together with the safety pilot you fill and submit your flight plan
  • The safety pilot is on board of the aircraft with you
  • After the flight, the safety pilot will carry out a step by step de-briefing

Benefits for pilot

  • You will log the hours as a pilot in command (PIC)
  • You will improve your piloting skills
  • You will communicate in English and prepare for your next ICAO English exam
  • You will gain valuable experience of flying into foreign countries
  • You will dive deep into differences in AIP publications of other member states