Airport name Flugplatz Zell am See
State Austria
Website www.flugplatz-zellamsee.at
Conditions VFR
Flight time 1 way 85-120 min
Departure Kladno – Velká Dobrá Airport

One day trip

Airport information

General information

Elevation 2,474 ft / 754 m
Coordinates 47°17′29.1″N, 012°47′24.3″E
Hours of operation 8:00 – 20:00/7
RWY 08/26
Landing fees 50 Euro




 Zell am See is a high altitude airport with a relatively short runway, while higher temperatures during the summer months can lead to an increased density altitude. Flight to this airport therefore requires careful preparation with emphasis on weight and balance limitations due to the potentially limited performance of the airplane.

Flight maps

Zell am See Aerodrome approach
Zell am See Aerodrome
Zell am See Aerodrome info

Variants of flight


CEESSNA 172 120 minutes flight
COLUMBIA 350 85 minutes flight

Points of interest

    • The Alps – The airport is in a close proximity to the Alps, we recommend taking a sightseeing flight to around the famous peaks and ski resorts such as Kaprun.
    • Kaprun– Famous resort known for winter sports and hiking as well as a castle of the same name located on the hill near Kaprun.
    • Mooserboden – it is a breathtaking view on the lake when seen from above, especially during the summer months.
    • Golfclub Zell am See – One of Austria’s most popular golf courses with 36 holes is located next to the airport.


All our aircraft are equipped with instruments for comfortable and safe flight.garmin1000_400X267

      • Garmin 1000
      • GPS
      • S-XPDR transponder
      • 8,33 Hz frequency
      • Autopilot
      • Regularly updated database Jeppesen

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Přeškolení pro piloty Cessna 350 Corvalis

Safetypilot service

  • We provide all necessary materials for pre-flight planning
  • All the pre-flight preparation and planning is done along with the safety pilot
  • Together with the safety pilot you fill and submit your flight plan
  • The safety pilot is on board of the aircraft with you
  • After the flight, the safety pilot will carry out a step by step de-briefing

Benefits for pilot

  • You will log the hours as a pilot in command (PIC)
  • You will improve your piloting skills
  • You will communicate in English and prepare for your next ICAO English exam
  • You will gain valuable experience of flying into foreign countries
  • You will dive deep into differences in AIP publications of other member states