Diamond DA42 Twin Star OK-GER



Type of aircraft DIAMOND DA42 Twin Star
Registration OK-GER
Year of production 2006

Technical specifications

Speed 155 knots (280 km/h, 170 mph)
Crew 1 pilot, 3 pax
Operation range 2 250 km
Reach 18 000 ft
Consumption of JET A-1 10.4 gal/h (39 l/h)

Equipment of the aircraft

VFR/IFR/NIGHT, Garmin 1000, Autopilot, DME, ADF,  ELT, Transponder S mode, full authority digital engine control – FADEC, deicingretractable landing gear, automatic variable-pitch propeller.


Diamond DA42 Twin Star – Pilot’s operating handbook


Diamond DA42 Twin Star is a twin-engine four-seat piston aircraft with brand new diesel engines. The 3 blade hydraulic constant speed propellers are automatically controlled by each engine’s digital engine control.  The engines are powered by JET A-1 fuel, the world’s most affordable fuel. Thanks to the full authority digital engine control – FADEC, the Diamond DA42 has an exceptionally long range of over 2200 km. The landing gear is retractable.

The aircraft is equipped with avionics Garmin 1000 and autopilot. The standard configuration is extended with DME and ADF.

Diamond DA42 aircraft belongs between “complex multi-engine aircraft” and beside the air transport is used for flight training as well. The aircraft is used in training pilots licenses MEP (A) and MEP IR (Multi-engine Piston). This aircraft has certification for flights VFR (Visual flight rules)  and IFR (Instrument flight rules) and Night Flights. The aircraft can be used for training IR (A), CPL (A), MEP, MEP IR.

The Diamond DA42 Twin Star offers convenient travel for up to 3 passengers with ample luggage compartments in the cabin, bow and motor gondolas. Thanks to engines located outside the fuselage, the noise level is at a very acceptable level and significantly lower than for single-engine types.


1 flight hour 12 410 CZK
All prices are without VAT 21% per a wet flight hour – including fuel. The price is per hour without pilot.

Requirements and rental conditions

Valid pilot license
The minimum 20 hours flown on Multi-Engine Piston airplanes
DA42 Type Rating or Type Differential Training in BLUE SKY AVIATION
Garmin 1000 knowledge or G1000 course in our school
Training flight with BLUE SKY AVIATION’s pilot
Pilot liability insurance

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