Helicopter simulator

Type of aircraft ELITE EHFCU – Elite Helicopter Flight Control Unit
Date of manufacture 2020

Technical specification

Single seat controls Cyclic, Collective and Anti-torque Pedals
Adjustable friction on Cyclic, Collective and Anti-torque Pedals
Powered by D-BOX motion incl. 3 actuators for single seat comfort and motion cueing
VR headset included (Oculus Rift S or HTC Vive or Pimax lnnovation)
168 cm Samsung OLEO 4K display for 20 training capabilities
X-Plane 11 commercial license – World Wide Naviation database and scenery
Guimball G2 Cabri commercial license or R-22, R-44, R-66 commercial license
Custom build motion profiles for different types of helicopters such as Bell 407, Bell 412, Bell 429, Schweizer S300 CBi
iPad for EFB apps management, flight planning and training possibilities included (such as Skydemon, Foreflight, AirNavPro)


ELITE EHFCU – Elite Helicopter Flight Control Unit:

Is one of the best equipped tactical simulators for helicopters with VR in the Czech Republic.

  • Acclaimed ELITE Helicopter Flight Control Unit
  • D-BOX motion cueing for optimal VFR tactical single seat flying experience and training procedures
  • High fidelity graphics, top hi-res sceneries
  • World wide navigation database
  • Real (METAR), static or dynamic weather conditions
  • Day and night operations
  • Cockpit orientation, start up and shut down sequences
  • VFR or IFR training
  • EFB enabled

Elite Helicopter Flight Control Unit (EHFCU) offers:

  • Basic and advanced maneuvers such as:
    straight and level flight, normal climbs, normal descents, level turns, acceleration, deceleration, APT operations, takeoffs and landings, CP pattern flying, performance operations and more…
  • Emergency situations training procedures such as:
    various autorotations procedures, power failure at a hever (hovering autorotation), power failure at altitude (forced landings), low rotor RPM recognition and recovery, settling with power, tail rotor failure, Vertex-Ring State symptoms and recovery training procedures, incl. Off APTs operations such as slope operations, high and low reconnaissance, confined area operations, platform operations and more…

Price of the flight hour / simulator rental

1 flight hour

900 CZK

The price is without VAT and for one flight hour.
Price is for rental of the simulator without the flight instructor.

Rental requirements:

Blue Sky Aviation provides an instructor for training on this simulator.
Possibility of renting for hobby pilots accompanied by a trained instructor.
Blue Sky Aviation provides professional assistance and the necessary facilities for instructors and students.

Flight training