Simulator Elite Evolution cessna 1721S FNPT II G1000. The first and only in the Czech Republic!


Simulator Elite Evolution cessna 1721S FNPT II G1000. The first and only in Czech Republic!

Elite Evolution S812 Cessna172S FNPT II G1000 – this is the name of the most modern EASA certified flight simulator for training professional and private pilots and the only simulator of its type in Czech Republic and Central Europe. The BLUE SKY AVIATION flight school introduced this state-of-the-art training facility to the public in April this year. The simulator is located in the premises of the flight school at the Kladno Airport just 15 minutes by car from Prague-Ruzyně.

After the trial operation, which has been running since the end of last year, the simulator is available for training not only to BLUE SKY AVIATION clients, but also to partner flight schools and the general public.

Igor Šlajchrt, owner of BLUE SKY AVIATION:

“We decided to make this significant investment in order to provide the current and future generation of pilots with the absolute best training platform for simulating challenging flight conditions and situations such as flying in adverse weather conditions in the Instrument Rating training.

The advantage of a certified flight simulator, besides cost savings in pilot training, is mainly the training of difficult situations in safety, when it is possible to stop the simulation and explain everything to the pilot. After training the procedures on the simulator, the pilot continues the real training on an identical Cessna C172S aircraft, which makes the pilot feel more comfortable in the aircraft and advances with the training faster. Another benefit of this certified simulator is the opportunity to learn the new EFIS glasscockpit and PBN technologies at a still affordable price.”

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Meet the Elite Evolution FNPT II G1000

BLUE SKY AVIATION introduces its new EASA certified professional flight simulator for IR/SE qualification training on glasscockpit on a real Garmin G1000 avionics with SBAS module fully certified by EASA, which will allow you to train the latest PBN and LPV approach procedures. Garmin G1000 avionics are complemented by an integrated Garmin GFC700 digital autopilot and a 12V socket for iPad charging. A physical Garmin G1000 avionics module is built into the simulator, offering all the capabilities of a real aircraft. It is therefore possible to train classical IFR navigation with HSI, RMI and ADF/NDB as well as to use modern technology associated with GPS SBAS navigation with Flight Director and use of autopilot.

The electrical system of the simulator is a close replica of the real aircraft, including all backup systems. It includes Avionics Bus 1 and Bus 2, Standby Battery, eletric and manual trim. PFD (Primary flight display) and MFD (Multifunction display) can be used to simulate faults and can be switched to Reversionary backup mode. These functions can be used to simulate a wide range of electrical, navigation system, or powerplant failures and thus prepare the future pilot for emergency situations on the ground during training, as some failures and their combinations cannot be safely simulated in the aircraft. Even small details such as circuit breakers are fully functional and affect the operation of the entire simulator as in a real aircraft. Naturally, the navigation database is regularly updated.

Cessna 172S from Switzerland

From start-up to shut-down, the Elite Evolution FNPT II G1000 is an absolutely faithful simulation of the Cessna C172S with Garmin G1000 avionics. Proper ergonomics and identical placement of all the switches as in a real aircraft make this simulator a completely unrivalled device in its class.

The simulator includes a cockpit that represents a Cessna 172S aircraft and a 270-degree parabolic projection screen that delivers a true-to-life experience in IMC flight conditions. It also includes an instructor station where the instructor can control simulation conditions for the student including weather, flight procedures, and abnormal and emergency procedures.

The simulator offers an extremely wide range of settings from weather – clouds, precipitation, visibility, icing conditions, turbulence and wind, through all the navigation procedures of classic IFR navigation, which fully correspond to real geographical positions. Through the aforementioned instructor station, the instructor can control all these parameters and thus simulate various emergency situations in flight that are not possible or unsafe to simulate during real flights. This includes the simulation of a huge range of abnormal conditions, emergency situations and failure simulations. The yoke provides force feedback for the steering forces dependent on the dynamic pressure on the aircraft. The 270-degree viewing angle canvas allows for a perfect immersion of real flight and therefore, for example, when flying in IMC conditions, you really experience a sensation very similar to real flight.

The simulator also includes a Garmin GFC700 digital integrated autopilot, which is an integral part of the avionics and which the pilot learns to operate during training. The Europe-wide airport database includes a topographic and elevation data and some airports feature a true-to-life 3D model.

The entire Elite C172 G1000 system is fully integrated from the manufacturer, including meeting the most rigorous EASA certification standards.This professional flight simulator was manufactured by Elite Simulation AG, a renowned Swiss manufacturer with a long history.

Why is it a good idea to take IR training on EFIS equipment?

Flying IFR procedures in a cockpit equipped with clock-dials and needles has a certain charm and nowadays a bit of nostalgia, but nevertheless any pilot applying for an IR licence, whether for private transport or heading to commercial airlines, should be trained to the latest standards and approaches to technology. Today, some airlines require or prefer EFIS time from training, i.e. part of the training completed on glasscockpit equipment, since all transport aircraft are now equipped with EFIS and therefore it is much easier for the student to learn the technology on subsequent type training. The student then moves on to the more advanced EFIS in a transport aircraft, in which he/she is already quite naturally familiar with, as he/she is used to it from the beginning of the training, including IFR flight procedures.

Simulator training options

The Elite Evolution S812 FNPT II G1000 can be used to train pilots to obtain a Private Pilot’s License (PPL), Instrument Rating (IR), Commercial Pilot’s License (CPL), or already licensed pilots who wish to upgrade their EFIS rating and IR/PBN procedures, undergo Garmin G1000 differential training, or gain a perfect understanding of the Garmin GFC700 autopilot controls, or learn emergency procedures for a VFR pilot flying into IMC conditions.

At BLUE SKY AVIATION Flight School we provide up to 25 hours of IR/SE training and 5 hours of PPL(A) training on the EASA FNTP II simulator now using the Elite Evolution S812 FNPT II G1000. With this new addition, students will be operating the complex Garmin G1000 system at the highest level upon completion of their training.

The spare capacity of the EASA certified Elite Evolution FNPT II G1000 simulator can also be used by other flight schools that wish to use this state-of-the-art training platform in their pilot training. The partner flight schools can use not only the Elite Evolution FNPT II G1000 simulator itself for their training, but also professional assistance and necessary facilities for their instructors and students or they can use the services of BLUE SKY AVIATION instructors.

About ELITE Simulation Solutions AG 

The Swiss company Elite has been established in the market since 1987 and provides its technologies to pilots, flight schools and government institutions around the world. It offers certified integrated systems solutions including its software and hardware. Their products are of extremely high quality and excellent value for money. For example, they offer certified simulators for the Beech King Air 200, Cessna C172S, as well as the Airbus AS355 and AS350 helicopter series and the Robinson R22. ELITE also offers an 24/7 service center for technical support to their clients and inform with their clients about equipment upgrades and updates.

BLUE SKY AVIATION flight school

BLUE SKY AVIATION is an international flight school with facilities in Kladno Airport just 15 minutes from Prague – Ruzyně. We train professional pilots from zero to the cockpit of a transport aircraft and private pilots for private flights. In addition to training on airplanes, we also provide training for helicopter pilots. Our main priority is safety and quality of service.

We offer a wide range of training courses for pilots of airplanes and helicopters. From private pilot (LAPL, PPL), to commercial pilot (CPL) and instrument rating (EIR,IR), also airline transport pilot theory course (ATPL), flight instructor training (FI), ICAO English language courses and much more. For theory training we provide our students with a unique and comprehensive online learning portal (e-learning), which enables students to have guided self-study and better theoretical preparation. All training courses are individual, i.e. instructor and student only, so the teaching is fully adapted to the needs of the specific student pilot. Our main goal is to prepare safe and responsible aircraft pilots and captains.

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