Accommodation for flight school students

New accommodation at Kladno airport: Ideal choice for Blue Sky Aviation students One of the advantages offered by the Blue Sky Aviation flight school is the newly opened accommodation directly at Kladno Airport. Our students have a unique opportunity to live directly at the training site. The apartment has been recently renovated and not only allows […]

Our Flight school is approved for Ukrainian pilot trainings

Our Flight school is Approved Training Organisation to provide trainings for Ukrainian pilots. Blue Sky Aviation flight school has been approved and certified by the CAA of Ukraine to provide trainings to issue Ukrainian pilot licences and qualifications. Blue Sky Aviation has been approved for all available training programs, including our flight simulators for practical […]

Ultralight pilot licence – now you can get ULL licence in our flight school

Our flight school obtained “Registered Pilot Training Centre” issued by the Light Aircraft Association of the Czech Republic. Now, we can provide a new training program “Ultralight pilot licence” issued by the Light Aircraft Association of the Czech Republic.   Ultralight pilot licence (ULL) is for hobby, recreation and sport flying. This licence has privileges for […]

ICAO Aviation English course

NEW COURSES: ICAO Aviation English preparation course We prepared a new course for you to get ready for the ICAO Aviation English Exam. The aim of the course is to prepare you for a successful ICAO English exam. Success in this case means achieving ICAO English proficiency at least level 4. A second related goal of this […]

New arrival: Cessna 150 Aerobat in BSA fleet

Our flight school is newly operating Cessna 150 Aerobat. It is a well-known two-seat piston aircraft approved for aerobatics flight. The registration mark is OK-ELI. Cessna 150 Aerobat is certified for aerobatics flights and aerobatic training. It is also available for standard training flights and your time buildings. This aircraft is available for the following training: […]

New arrival: Diamond DA20 EVOLUTION in BSA fleet

A new arrival in BLUE SKY AVIATON fleet is the Canadian aircraft Diamond DA20 Evolution KATANA, registration mark OK-MAT. Well-known two-seat piston low-wing aircraft. The advantage of this aircraft is speed and range for interesting rental prices. Diamond DA20 OK-MAT is equipped with Continental IO-240-B 125 Hp. Aircraft Type DIAMOND DA20 C1 EVOLUTION Registration mark […]

New Courses for Instructors: Advanced UPRT and MCC for instructors

New Courses for Instructors: Advanced UPRT and MCC for instructors We have expanded our portfolio of training courses with two new courses, which are primarily intended for flight instructors or professional pilots to expand their qualifications. Both courses are designed to teach advanced flight skills to future professional pilots. The new courses are: • Multi […]

NEW in BSA fleet: Cessna 150 Rotax

A new aircraft in the BSA fleet has arrived: a Cessna 150 with the registration mark OK-RTX. This well-known two-seater, high-wing aircraft is uniquely equipped with a Rotax engine. Thanks to the Rotax engine, the Cessna 150 OK-RTX is the ideal aircraft for your time-building. Its main advantage is its economical operation and thanks to that a very […]

NEW COURSE: Basic instrument rating BIR(A)

EASA standards offer pilots a new qualification for instrument flying on single-pilot airplanes (SE): Basic Instrument Rating or BIR(A). BIR(A) is primarily intended for private pilots who need to fly in adverse weather conditions where the use of on-board instruments is essential for safe flight. The BIR is a simplified instrument rating for private pilots, replacing the […]

New: Guimbal Cabri G2 helicopter in BSA fleet

NEW: Guimbal Cabri G2 in the BSA fleet From the GUIMBAL factory in Les Milles in Provence, France, we arrived in January with a brand new Guimbal Cabri G2 helicopter. Now, this new helicopter is available for training and rental with the call sign OK-HKI. Photographs from the ferry flight of our new helicopter OK-HKI from […]