Pavol Vančišin – Airline transport pilot theory course

Most important fact for me is that the whole course is online so it´s possible to adapt study schedule with my work schedule. The lecturers are kind polite and nice people. Special “THANKS” I would like to devote to Petra K. (BSA back office worker) who communicate with me thru whatsapp. She´s very helpful, willing and […]

Dušan Ustic – Airline transport pilot theory course

The good thing was that groups were not too big, so there was plenty of time to ask questions and clarify stuff. The teachers, most of them I would say, were very good. I would specially point out Jan Š. (BSA instructor). He was very good, efficient, involved the students in the teaching process, and made it […]

Petr Jurda – Airline transport pilot theory course

I was satisfied with the online form of teaching. The process was absolutely fine and I have no complaints. The lecturers are professionals and it can be seen that each of them knows enough information about the given issue even from practice (or at least they can present it that way). If I had to sum up […]

Jan Kotrbáček – Airline transport pilot theory course

My overall impression of the flight school and the form of teaching is very positive. I appreciate the ability of the lecturers who are nice, happy to explain everything and their interpretation is clear. The study materials are clear and easy to search and learn. I also used them when studying for the ATPL theory exams.

Alexandru Popescu – Airline transport pilot theory course

The consultations benefited me by helping strengthen my knowledge and my understanding of certain chapters. I would like to send special thanks to Dinar M. (BSA instructor). I found really enjoyable his way of teaching and explaining, and also he brought a lot of positivity to the class. The e-learnings are a good way of study and they’re easy […]

Artem Ilin – Airline transport pilot theory course

The lecturers were very good. The E-learning system was exelent. Study weeks are good motivation for planning study “step by step”. Petra K. (BSA back office worker), a special thank you for the good and fast support for all questions and all time.

Mariia Barchuk – Airline transport pilot theory course

Special thanks goes to Dinar M. (BSA instructor). His way of teaching made the lecture very clear and interesting, it was absolutely great! I am very pleased with e-learning program. Thank you for this opportunity to study ATPL theory in such an efficient way.

Dmitry Kogut – Commercial pilot theory course

As for school in terms of training, I am delighted! Everything is clear, on time. The service is on top. I especially want to say thank you to Pavel V., who studied with me! This person is so smart and sociable. He will find an approach to any student. I am very glad that I took an individual training […]