Validity and renewal of pilot licenses and ratings


We have decided to create this overview due to the frequent inquiries we receive from our clients. We aim to provide you with a simple and understandable guide that will help you better understand the processes and requirements related to extending your aviation licenses and qualifications.

If you are a pilot or aviation enthusiast, you have likely encountered the complexity and ambiguity that can accompany the license and qualification extension process. The goal of this article is to provide a clear, friendly, and easily understandable guide to help you navigate through this sometimes complicated area.

Do not worry; this article is not intended solely for industry experts. On the contrary, it is aimed at anyone seeking a simple and comprehensive explanation of the procedures and requirements involved in extending pilot licenses and qualifications. So whether you are an experienced pilot or just getting acquainted with the world of aviation, we hope this article will provide you with useful information and answers to your questions.

Theoretical certificates

Before taking the theoretical exams at the Civil Aviation Authority, you must possess a theoretical certificate demonstrating completion of the required theory within a certain framework, issued by a flight school. The validity of the theoretical certificate for PPL / LAPL / ATPL / CPL / IR is 12 months.

Pilot licenses and ratings

Extension of ULL(A) Pilot License

Administrative Extension During Validity Period:

• To extend the ULL license, it is necessary to demonstrate a minimum of 5 hours of flight time within the last 2 years.

Renewal of the License After Expiry:

• If you do not have the required number of flight hours or if your pilot license has been invalid for more than 90 days, you can renew it based on a flight with an inspector.

ALTO 912 TD – utilized for ULL(A) training at Blue Sky Aviation

Extension of PPL(A) Pilot License

The PPL(A) and CPL(A) pilot licenses are valid for a lifetime. However, for flying single-engine piston aircraft in general aviation, it is necessary to renew the SEP LAND qualification every 2 years. To renew SEP LAND, you have two options – administrative renewal and flight check.

1. Administrative Renewal of SEP LAND before Expiry:

Administrative renewal of the pilot license, without the need to undergo a check with a flight examiner, is possible if you still hold a valid pilot license and meet the following conditions:

  • a minimum of 12 hours of flight time
  • of which 6 hours as PIC (Pilot In Command)
  • 12 takeoffs and landings
  • at least 1 hour of flight time with an FI(A) instructor

A flight with an instructor can be replaced by any other proficiency check or pilot skills test. For example, you can transition to a new aircraft type; the time spent with the instructor will count towards the required flight time for renewal. This qualification is assessed for the last 12 months of validity. Since 2020, flight hours from ultralight (UL) aircraft can also be counted towards administrative renewal.

This applies if the respective UL aircraft / TMG (Touring Motor Glider) meets the definition and criteria of the relevant aircraft class, generally aerodynamically controlled motorized UL aircraft. However, the required 1 hour of flight time with an instructor cannot be conducted on a UL aircraft.

2. Flight Check:

If you do not meet these conditions, then renewal requires a flight with an examiner, who will extend the qualification upon successful completion. This flight is officially called “Proficiency Check.” Even if you meet the conditions for administrative renewal, there is nothing preventing you from opting for a flight check.

What if my SEP LAND qualification has expired?

If your SEP qualification expires (even by just one day), it is necessary to undergo a flight with an examiner, just as in the case of insufficient flight time for administrative renewal. Before this flight, there is no predefined training syllabus or number of hours; it is up to the individual flight school to determine the training content for each applicant. If you are interested in renewing an expired qualification, do not hesitate to contact us for individual solutions.

Extension of night flying NIGHT(A)

This qualification is valid upon its successful entry into the pilot’s license and does not require renewal.

Night flying in the C-172M at Blue Sky Aviation

Extension of MEP(A) qualification

Just like the SEP LAND qualification, it is necessary to renew the MEP LAND qualification to be able to act as PIC on a multi-engine aircraft, but this qualification needs to be renewed annually every year, not every two years, like in the case of SEP LAND. This qualification cannot be renewed administratively.

Requirements for renewal are:

• Undergo a proficiency check with an FE/CRE examiner.

• During the validity period of the qualification, perform at least 10 line sectors as a pilot on the relevant class/type of aircraft, or at least 1 line sector as a pilot of the relevant class/type of aircraft together with an examiner. This flight can be combined with the proficiency check.

The proficiency check must take place within 3 months before the end of the qualification validity.

Exception for pilots employed in commercial air transport:

A pilot employed by a commercial air operator who has completed a proficiency check with the air operator together with a proficiency check for extending the validity of the class/type rating does not need to fulfil the requirement for line sectors to extend the validity of their class/type rating used in commercial air transport.

Our DA-42 used for multi-engine training in our flight school

Extension of IR(A) qualification

The validity of the instrument rating qualification is 1 year.

To extend the validity of the qualification, it is necessary to undergo a flight test with an examiner, which must be completed before the expiration of the endorsement.

The examination for the qualification extension can be taken every 2 renewals or, in other words, every 2 years, on a certified FNTP II simulator. Our flight school has a certified CESSNA 172S FNPT II G1000 simulator. The examination takes place in the presence of an examiner approved by the authority, but unlike the examination in an aircraft, the simulator examination offers many advantages:

  • Low costs for renting the simulator
  • No costs for flying to an IFR airport
  • No landing fees
  • No navigation fees for approaches
  • The examination can take place in any weather conditions
  • The examination can take place at any time of day

For more detailed information about extending this qualification using the FNTP II simulator, visit our website here.

Renewal of the qualification:

In case the validity of the IR endorsement expires, the applicant must meet the following conditions to renew their rights:

  1. Complete refresher training at an approved training organization if deemed necessary to achieve the required level of proficiency for the instrument portion of the skill test.
  2. Hold the relevant class or type qualification.
  3. Pass a proficiency check (flight test).

If the validity of the IR has expired less than seven years ago, the applicant must complete refresher training at an ATO and successfully pass the proficiency check.

If the validity of the IR has expired more than seven years ago, the applicant must complete refresher training at an ATO, pass a theoretical knowledge examination, and subsequently successfully pass the proficiency check.

IR(A) training on the Cessna 172SP FNTP II simulator at our flight school

Extension of BIR(A) qualification

The validity period of this qualification is the same as IR(A), but the method of its extension is different. For this qualification, the option of a proficiency check with an examiner on a simulator once every two years cannot be used. The methods of extension are administrative and by proficiency check in an aircraft with an examiner.

  1. Administrative extension requirements:

• 6 flight hours under IFR as PIC

• at least 3 instrument approaches

• a training flight with an instructor authorized to provide training for the BIR qualification for a minimum duration of 1 hour

  1. Proficiency check with an examiner.

• must be conducted within 3 months before the end of the qualification validity

The option of extending the qualification administratively is possible only once every two years, or with each alternate extension of validity. Once every two years, it is mandatory to undergo a proficiency check with an examiner. Additionally, it is mandatory to hold a valid SEP LAND / MEP LAND depending on whether the pilot holds the BIR/SE or BIR/ME qualification.

Extension of CPL(A) Pilot License

The validity of CPL(A) – SEP LAND is 2 years, and the conditions for renewal and extension are the same as for the PPL(A) license.

C-172RG – Utilized for CPL(A) training at Blue Sky Aviation

Extension of FI(A) instructor qualification

The validity of the instructor qualification is 3 years.

To extend the validity of the FI certificate, it is necessary to fulfil 2 out of the following 3 requirements:

  1. Provide a minimum of 50 hours of flight training in the relevant aircraft category as an FI, TRI, CRI, IRI, MI instructor, or examiner during the validity of the certificate. If extending rights to provide training for obtaining the instrument qualification IR, at least 10 of these hours must be IR flight training and must be completed within twelve months before the expiry of the FI certificate.
  2. Attendance at an instructor refresher seminar during the validity of the FI certificate.
  3. Complete a competency assessment with an examiner within twelve months before the expiry of the FI certificate.

Every 2nd subsequent extension of the FI(A) certificate requires undergoing a competency assessment with an examiner. Meaning at least once per 6 years.

Renewal of the instructor qualification:

If the FI certificate expires, the applicant must, within twelve months before renewal:

• Successfully complete an instructor refresher seminar

• Undergo a competency assessment with an examiner.

Extension of ICAO English

One of the important qualifications that every pilot flying internationally or communicating in English on radio frequencies must have is ICAO English. The validity period of this qualification is counted from the moment it is recorded in the pilot’s license by the relevant civil aviation authority. This means that the validity starts not from receiving the certificate from the approved organization where you took the exam but from entering this qualification in your pilot’s license.


If you are considering obtaining or renewing your ICAO English qualification, visit the ICAO English exam website, where you will find more detailed information and schedules of available exams.

Extension of Radio operator license

The unrestricted and restricted radiotelephone certificates of aeronautical mobile services have the same validity, lasting 5 years. However, licenses issued after 2019 initially have a validity of 10 years. To renew them, it is only necessary to demonstrate at least one year of practice in using the onboard radio station and pay an administrative fee of 200 CZK. Pilots provide evidence of meeting these conditions through a sworn declaration and by submitting a copy of their pilot’s license or a confirmation of practice, such as from their employer. The administrative fee must be paid before the actual renewal of the license, and proof of this payment is a mandatory attachment to the renewal form. Instructions from the Civil Aviation Authority specify that the request for renewal must be submitted no later than 30 days before the expiration date.

What if my license has expired?

If you apply for renewal less than 30 days before the expiration date or even forget altogether, there is no need to worry. There’s no risk of having to retake the exam. However, you will need to demonstrate two years of practice in using the radio station and pay a higher administrative fee of 400 CZK.

Summary of the validity of licenses and the qualifications recorded in them

LicenseRecorded qualificationsValidityAdministrative authority
IR(A)1 yearCAA
BIR(A)1 yearCAA
FI(A)3 yearsCAA
ICAO English lvl. 44 yearsCAA
ICAO English lvl. 56 yearsCAA
ICAO English lvl. 6UnlimitedCAA
ULL(A) 2 yearsLAA CZ
Radio operator license10 years (after that every 5 years)*ČTU
*From 2019, the initial validity of the licence is 10 years, with further renewals after 5 years.

We hope that this article has provided you with useful information regarding the process of extending and renewing pilot licenses. If you are interested in renewing any of your qualifications or need assistance finding a flight examiner, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are available by phone at +420 725 964 081 or via email at We are happy to provide you with further information and assist you with your pilot training needs