VFR GARMIN 1000 course FREE with PPL(A)


GARMIN 1000 course part of private pilot training – PPL(A)

Garmin 1000

To maintain the highest quality of instruction and uphold modern standards, we have integrated a practical and theoretical GARMIN 1000 (G1000) course into the basic PPL(A) training.

The GARMIN 1000 is a modern navigation system used in aviation. The control principles of the GARMIN 1000 are similar to the avionics systems in commercial aircraft.

The GARMIN 1000 can be an irreplaceable assistant during navigation flights or in adverse weather conditions. Like any advanced avionics system, it requires good knowledge for safe and, above all, comprehensive use.

The course will familiarize you with the basic principles of the system’s operation and how to troubleshoot potential faults.

The course takes place over one day, starting with a theoretical part about the system’s operation principles, followed by a move to the G1000 simulator with an instructor for practical training.

At the end of the course, the student demonstrates comprehensive control of the G1000 system at the VFR level to the instructor and takes a short theoretical test. Upon successful completion, an EFIS endorsement will be added to the pilot’s logbook.

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