Radiotelephone operator's licence

Proficiency test

Every pilot of an aircraft flying or training in the Czech Republic must hold a radiotelephone operator’s licence. The radiotelephone operator’s licence must be obtained at least before the first solo flight. The radiotelephonist licence entitles you to use the radio station on board the aircraft.

Types of radiotelephonist’s licences

There are two licences to choose from: restricted (OFL) or general (VFL). Both are issued by the Czech Telecommunications Office (CTU). The restricted licence gives pilots the right to fly only within the Czech Republic, while the general licence can be used abroad. If you plan to conduct trips outside the Czech Republic in the future, we recommend obtaining the VFL licence.

How to get a radiotelephonist’s licence

  1. The radiotelephone operator’s licence is issued by the Czech Telecommunications Office (CTU) on the basis of an examination which takes place directly in the Czech Telecommunications Office classrooms. The examination is conducted in the Czech language.
  2. Another option, which is particularly suitable for foreigners who do not speak Czech, is the recognition of a radiotelephonist’s test obtained in another EU Member State. The pilot presents a certificate of passing the test in another EU Member State to the CTU and the CTU issues the pilot with a radiotelephonist’s licence.
  3. Our recommendation for applicants with limited time, with an upcoming first SOLO flight, or with a longer commuting distance to the CTU test sites in Prague or Ostrava is to choose the exam with our partner Dutch organization. The advantage of taking the exam with our partner organisation is the absence of a written testless time consuming exam and faster booking of the exam date. After passing the exam, you will receive a certificate on the basis of which the CTU will issue you with a General Radiotelephone Operator’s Licence (VFL)We will of course, handle all the paperwork associated with this process for you; you just need to email us copies of the selected documents.

Test at the CTU

Test at the Dutch company

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