Seminar for instructors according to AMC1

In accordance with EASA standards: PART-FCL

školení pro instrtuktory letadel

Refresher seminar for Flight Instructors (FI) according to AMC 1 FCL.940.FI(a)(2) is intended for flight instructors to extend the validity of their FI and IRI certificates. Undergoing the refresher seminar for flight instructors is required by the Czech Civil Aviation Authority (ÚCL) at least 1x every 3 years. The training is conducted only in person. The schedule of the seminar is published on our website or also on the website of the Czech Civil Aviation Authority (ÚCL).

Subjects of the course

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The refresher seminar for Flight Instructors (FI) according to AMC 1 FCL.940.FI(a)(2) for the extension of the validity of FI and IRI certificates should be organized by an approved training organization (ATO) – an approved flight school. The holding of the seminar is announced and approved by the Czech Civil Aviation Authority (ÚCL). Flight instructors are required to attend the refresher seminar for flight instructors (FI) at least 1x every 3 years.


Course content:

  • new or current regulations or directives with an emphasis on knowledge of part FCL and operational requirements;
  • teaching and learning;
  • teaching techniques;
  • the role of the instructor;
  • national regulations (as needed);
  • human factors;
  • flight safety, incident and accident prevention;
  • flight skills;
  • legal aspects and enforcement procedures;
  • navigation skills including new or current radionavigation aids;
  • teaching instrument flying;
  • weather-related topics including distribution methods;
  • any other selected topics.


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