Technical specifications

Equipment of the aircraft

VFR/NIGHT, motor Textron Lycoming O360-J2A, Garmin GTN 635 Xi, Garmin 500 TXi, GPS, ELT, S Mode Transponder, Fenestron, Governor



The GUIMBAL CABRI G2 helicopter, called Cabri by helicopter pilots, is one of the safest helicopters of its class.

The Cabri is designed by former Eurocopter/Airbus Helicopter engineer Mr. Bruno Guimbal with the main focus on safety and modernity of the whole helicopter. It is also not for nothing that it is often nicknamed “Baby Eurocopter“.

The Cabri was designed, built and produced in the 21st century and therefore all components are very modern from the design to the rotor system using carbon materials. It is fully EASA certified. The quality of workmanship and production is consistent with the very long aviation tradition of manufacturing in France.

For longer journeys, there is a separate storage compartment behind the cockpit. The cockpit features a modern glass cockpit interface including a simple engine percentage indicator. The crew cabin is made of carbon monocoque, which is characterized by its exceptional impact resistance and low weight. The pilot seats are on special hydraulic mounts that allow emergency landings up to 2000 ft/min vertical speed when no serious internal injury to the crew should occur. It also features a three-blade rotor system with carbon blades that provide very comfortable and safe flight characteristics in both normal and abnormal flight modes, including reduced vibration. The balancing rotor is designed with Fenestron type, which greatly reduces the noise load and is spectacular in all circumstances. The landing gear is made up of skids that can cope with almost any terrain. The Cabri helicopter crew consists of two pilots or one pilot and a passenger.

The Cabri is powered by the decades-tested and very reliable 180 horsepower Lycoming O-360 engine, which has been downsized to 145 horsepower, again adding to safety by making the engine less stressed. The power is transferred to the three-blade rotor system via the main gearbox. This power gives the Cabri a cruise speed in a straight trajectory of around 180 km/h and a range of over 700 km.

The first Cabri was delivered in 2008 and since then has enjoyed extraordinary commercial and user success. And as of 2015, it is the best-selling fully certified two-seat helicopter worldwide.


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