Becoming a pilot is not cheap, but it is affordable. There are several funding options. You can use your personal savings, ask family or friends if they would be willing to lend you money, or you can go to a bank and apply for a loan or credit. You can also combine several different funding channels.

If you don’t have enough funds for training from your own resources, we can help you secure bank loan financing for your pilot training. Contact us.

A bank loan granted by a bank operating in the Czech Republic can only be obtained by persons with permanent residence in the Czech Republic.

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How to become a transport aircraft pilot

More and more often people contact us with questions about how to become a pilot of a transport aircraft. What do they have to do, what conditions do they have to meet, how long is the training and the time before they can sit in the cockpit of a transport aircraft and, of course, how much will it cost them?

Conversion and validation of a foreign pilot licence

How to convert or validate your pilot license that you obtained abroad, or in a state outside the European Union (EU), e.g. in the United States under FAA legislation or in the Russian Federation under FAVT to a European one under EASA legislation?

Dvoumotorové letadlo MEP

How to get a pilot licence or advices for those interested in pilot training

Learning to fly is not cheap and you want to make sure you get the most for your money and the highest quality? There are few things in life where you shouldn’t look for the cheapest option, and this is especially true when you are choosing the right flight instructor and are faced with the decision of which flight school is the best.


Distance theory courses with online teaching and video conferences

Study materials included in the course price

Theory courses start 6 times a year

Possibility to customize your studies individually

Flight school near Prague

High success rate of our students in exams

Thanks to the Airbus A320 FNPT II MCC APS Simulator, our school has secured a leading position not only in the Czech Republic but also in Central Europe. The Airbus A320 FNPT II MCC simulator meets EASA requirements for Airline Pilot Standard (APS) pilot training.

The BSA aircraft fleet consists of CESSNA aircraft equipped with modern avionics used in commercial aircraft. All aircraft are carefully and regularly serviced.

Blue Sky Aviation is a certified company in the international network of CESSNA PILOT CENTER flight schools operated by the aircraft manufacturer Cessna, an American company Textron Aviation.

Pilot training from zero to professional commercial aircraft pilot according to European EASA standards. The obtained licenses and qualifications are valid in all countries of the European Union.

Don’t have enough personal funds for training? We will help you secure financing for your pilot training.

We go above and beyond to accommodate your needs and requirements, both in training and when renting aircraft. Our flight and theoretical courses are conducted in the form of individual lessons, exclusively between an instructor and a student.

Learning materials for the theory course and sample questions for exam preparation are available to you 24/7 online and offline on our unique e-Learning portal. The theory teaching materials are FREE OF CHARGE.

You can reserve the aircraft for your flights yourself in our online reservation system.

We offer our own accommodation for students of our flight school directly at our airport Kladno or next to the airport Vaclav Havel in Prague – 20 min from us.

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