Accommodation for flight school students


New accommodation at Kladno airport: Ideal choice for Blue Sky Aviation students

One of the advantages offered by the Blue Sky Aviation flight school is the newly opened accommodation directly at Kladno Airport. Our students have a unique opportunity to live directly at the training site. The apartment has been recently renovated and not only allows for comfortable and hassle-free living right on the premises of the airport, but it is also located close to the capital city of Prague, which guarantees its good accessibility from Václav Havel Airport Prague and offers the possibility to visit the capital city.

Students thus have not only convenience and comfort, but also a good price for accommodation. The apartment for 2 people includes an equipped kitchen and of course a private bathroom with toilet. Thanks to this location, students have the opportunity to literally “breathe” the aviation environment and be close to their training aircraft and instructors at all times.

Another option is accommodation next to the Václav Havel Airport in Prague, which our students can also use. This apartment is for up to 3 people and you also have a fully equipped kitchen and your own bathroom. From the accommodation you can reach the Kladno airport in 20 min by car.

For details and accommodation options, please call + 420 725 964 081 or contact us via the web form below.