The insurance covers the liability of pilots, students and flight school instructors for damage to aircraft not owned by them but loaned to them or used by them for another legal reason.

To what extent should I take out insurance?

Our flight school requires pilots, students and instructors to carry pilot liability insurance to cover:

All pilots are advised to take out insurance including financial damage/financial loss insurance. This is consequential financial damage, which means, for example, loss of profit and costs incurred by the injured party which are not damage to health, life or property, but which are incurred in connection with it (e.g. costs of transporting the damaged aircraft, loss of profit for renting the aircraft, etc.). These consequential financial loss will also be claimed against the pilot in the event of damage to the aircraft.

Why do we require pilots to have this insurance?

All our aircraft are accident insured. The accident insurance on our aircraft is arranged with a deductible of CZK 200,000. If the aircraft is damaged due to the pilot, we will claim damages up to the amount of the deductible from the pilot. The same applies to any loss of profit or costs related to the transport of the aircraft to the repair shop.