Dušan Ustic – Airline transport pilot theory course


The good thing was that groups were not too big, so there was plenty of time to ask questions and clarify stuff. The teachers, most of them I would say, were very good. I would specially point out Jan Š. (BSA instructor). He was very good, efficient, involved the students in the teaching process, and made it interesting and interactive. As well I would like to point out Dinar M. (BSA instructor), he is an absolutely fantastic teacher. I never thought that there is a person in the world who could present an aviation topic in such an interesting way, but definitely did. He has excellent teaching skills. All additional materials were available either as PDF files or as links, and that is great. I would say that the overall experience was very good and that I would recommend the school to others. I very much liked the availability of people. Petra K. and Patrik D. (BSA back office workers) were always very quick to reply to any questions I had. That I never experience before and that is absolutely fantastic.