Enhancement flights with a safety pilot for GA pilots


Enhancement flights with a safety pilot for GA pilots

We have come to flying for various reasons and with different goals. For some, it’s the need for fast and safe business travel; for others, the freedom of birds; and for some, discovering destinations and the taste of exoticism when you open the cockpit door for the first time at a destination and feel the new climate.

For all of you, General Aviation pilots, we have prepared special enhancement flights with the assistance of a professional safety pilot.


Why enhancement flights with a safety pilot?

The main goal of these enhancement flights is to enhance piloting skills and experience when flying an aircraft, thereby increasing flight safety.

The enhancement flights will practice and deepen your piloting knowledge during cross-country flights abroad with the assistance of a Safety Pilot, so that this and your subsequent flights are always enjoyable, stress-free, and at a professional level.

Safety pilot GA

Flights abroad with the assistance of a Safety Pilot

Flights abroad have their specificities, and even for experienced pilots, they may not be routine. The Safety Pilot will assist you with flight preparation, necessary documents, and a professional-level briefing. At the same time, they will be your helper during the flight in new airspace, on frequencies with different accents, and even in environments that are unfamiliar to us in terms of VFR navigation.

Our geographical location allows us to visit many interesting places and airports within a reasonable flight time. From the North Sea, across the plains of Hungary and Lake Balaton, to the Alpine massifs and the city of Salzburg and the beautiful landscape of Bavaria. The Mediterranean climate of Northern Italy, Slovenia, or Croatia is also enticing and very accessible by air. Just a three-hour flight from Prague.

You log the hours as the PIC

You will be the Pilot in Command (PIC), and this time will fully count towards your flight hours. The Safety Pilot will assist you with preparation and flight planning. During the flight, they will help with communication during transits through controlled spaces, traffic monitoring, and will strive to share practical experience with you.

Aircraft Equipment for Enhancement Flights

Safety is always the top priority in aviation, and it is no different at BLUE SKY AVIATION. We pay considerable attention to the quality and technical equipment of the aircraft. The planes are equipped with modern avionics and an autopilot, which is a great help in poor weather or during a longer flight.

  • Garmin 1000
  • GPS
  • S-XPDR transponder
  • 8.33 kHz radios
  • Autopilot
  • Regularly updated Jeppesen databases

Benefits for the Pilot

Flights abroad are a tremendous source of experience, and if approached professionally and with respect, you will capitalize on that experience throughout your entire flying career.

Safety Pilot Service

  • We will provide you with all the materials for flight preparation and planning.
  • Together with the safety pilot, you will conduct pre-flight preparation and plan the route.
  • You will file the flight plan.
  • The safety pilot will be on board with you.
  • After returning, you will also conduct a debriefing together.