Technical specifications

Equipment of the aircraft

VFR day/night, Rotax 912 S3 Engine , 2x Garmin G5, GPS Garmin aera 400, Receiver VOR/ILS, ELT, Transponder (SSR) mode S



The Cessna C150L is a two-seat, single-engine, high-wing piston training aircraft.

An interesting feature and advantage of this aircraft is the ROTAX type engine.

The ROTAX engine is lighter and has lower fuel consumption while maintaining identical power, which allows for improved flight performance while maintaining a very favorable price per flight hour.

Also, the ROTAX Engine is equipped with a constant speed propeller, which provides high efficiency over a wide range of flight speeds, which improves performance during takeoff and climb, and also provides higher speeds in cruise flight with lower fuel consumption.

Our OK-RTX is also equipped with a set of modern avionics consisting of two Garmin G5 displays and a Garmin Aera 400 GPS navigation model.

The combination of the high aerodynamic stability and safety of the Cessna 150L with the high efficiency of the ROTAX engine makes the OK-RTX the ideal aircraft for your Time-Buidling or PPL Training.


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