Technical specifications

Equipment of the aircraft

Complex aircraft, VFR day/night, IFR, Garmin GTN 650 NXi, backup Garmin Gi275, Transponder (SSR) mode S, 8.33 kHz COMM, Rescue Parachute System, Simulation of Landing Gear retractionn, Constant speed propeller, LED lights.



The Tecnam P-Mentor is a new product from the Italian manufacturer Tecnam, which is not only characterized by low fuel consumption and emissions, but mainly enables complete PPL and IR(A)PBN/RNAV training on the same plane.

The drive is provided by a 100-horsepower Rotax 912iSc3 Sport engine in combination with a Constant Speed Propeller from the manufacturer MT-Propeller. The MTOW is 720 kg, with a useful load up to 290 kg. The possibility to refuel 130 liters of fuel and the consumption of 16 liters of fuel per hour gives a respectable endurance of up to 8 hours in the air. Despite the emphasis on reducing operating costs, the light aircraft has a competitive performance.

The all-new wing specifically designed for the P-Mentor features a tapered, laminar flow, composite design. A Rescue Parachute System is installed in the airplane. The aircraft has simulated undercarriage retraction for training purposes.

The flight and training experience is offered by the most modern glass cockpit Garmin GTN 650 NXi, with a backup device Garmin Gi275.

This aircraft is ideal for PPL, IFR training or Time-Buidling.


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