Technical specifications

Equipment of the aircraft

VFR/IFR/NIGHT, Garmin 1000, Autopilot KAP 140, every 28 days update of Garmin 1000 (Jeppesen), Stormscope, ELT, Transponder (SSR) Mode S.



The Cessna 172SP is a four-seat single-engine high-wing aircraft with a 180 HP Lycoming engine and fixed propeller. The aircraft is certified for both VFR (Visual Flight) and IFR (Instrument Flight) flights and night flights.

The aircraft is equipped with Garmin 1000 avionics with a KAP 140 autopilot. The standard configuration is extended by DME and the aircraft can also be used for IFR training. The G1000 database is regularly updated every 28 days (Jeppesen).

Airbags integrated into the seat belts for all passengers are part of the aircraft’s equipment. Thanks to its excellent flight characteristics and high flight safety, the Cessna 172 airplane is excellent for flight training, sightseeing flights and other aviation work.

The OK-PRW aircraft is almost new, with a great interior and exterior.

The history of the Cessna 172 aircraft dates back to 1956, when the first aircraft were produced by the Cessna Aircraft Company in the United States, and since then, more than 43,000 have been produced. The aircraft stands out for its above-average flight characteristics, ease of piloting and especially high flight safety. It has just become one of the most successful aircraft in history and one of the most widespread types in operation worldwide.


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