Technical specifications

Equipment of the aircraft

Garmin 1000, Syntetic Vision, Full Auto-Pilot, Oxygen, Air-Conditioning (A/C), Double Alternator, 2 Battery



The CESSNA 350 CORVALISl aircraft, also known as the Columbia 350, is a single-engine four-seater low-wing aircraft with fixed main and nose landing gear.

  • The Columbia 350 is among the fastest and most comfortable single-engine airplanes in the world.
  • The aircraft is equipped with advanced modern avionics, which can also be found in transport aircraft.
  • The aircraft is not suitable for an airport with a grass area or a runway shorter than 700 m.

OK-WSM is the first and only Cessna 350 Corvalis in the Czech Republic!

The power unit consists of an air-cooled six-cylinder Teledyne Continental with an output of 310 HP and an adjustable heated McCauley three-blade propeller. The aircraft is approved for flights under IFR/VFR/NIGHT conditions. Controlling the aircraft with the sidestick is similar to how large Airbus-type transport aircraft are controlled. The equipment includes SpeedBreaks, which allow you to immediately reduce the speed by up to 20% when the situation requires it.

The equipment includes a fully integrated GFC700 autopilot and modern Garmin 1000 avionics. The aircraft is also equipped with a Datalink satellite connection with access to current weather data and the ability to write and receive text messages even during flight at high altitudes. Read the detailed technical specification for the aircraft: Cessna 350 Columbia – Specification (pdf). Controlling the aircraft is similar to the way large Airbus type airliners are controlled, with a sidestick. The equipment includes a fully integrated autopilot, modern avionics Garmin 1000 GlassCockPit. All electronic systems are duplicated. The aircraft is equipped with an oxygen system to fly to higher flight levels. Among the other elements that make it easier for the pilot to drive are an anti-collision system, a stormscope, a radar with current weather and a satellite phone, through which it is possible to communicate with the world.


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