Diamond DA42 Twin Star OK-GER


Technical specifications

Equipment of the aircraft

VFR/IFR/NIGHT, Garmin 1000, Autopilot, DME, ADF, ELT, Transponder (SSR) S mode, FADEC Electronic Control System, De-Icing, Retractable Landing Gear, Automatically Adjustable Propeller.



The Diamond DA42 Twin-Star is a twin-engine, four-seat piston aircraft with all-new diesel engines, automatic adjustable propeller and retractable landing gear. The powerplant uses JET A-1 fuel, the most affordable fuel in the world. Thanks to highly efficient engines with FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control) electronic control, the Diamond DA42 has an exceptionally long range of over 1 200 NM (2,200 km).

The aircraft is equipped with Garmin 1000 avionics and an autopilot. The standard configuration is extended by DME and ADF.

The Diamond DA42 aircraft belongs to the category of complex aircraft. The aircraft is used in the training of MEP (A) and MEP IR (Multi-engine Piston). The aircraft is certified for both VFR (Visual Flight) and IFR (Instrument Flight) flights and night flights. The aircraft can be used for IR(A), CPL(A), MEP, MEP IR training.

The Diamond DA42 Twin-Star aircraft offers comfortable travel for up to 3 passengers with ample luggage space in the cabin, nose and engine nacelles.

Thanks to the engines located outside the hull, the noise level is at a very acceptable level and significantly lower than single-engine types.


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