letadlo cessna150-ok-uwa



Technical specifications

Equipment of the aircraft

VFR day/night, Responder C MODE, Garmin AERA500



The Cessna C150L is a two-seat, single-engine, high-wing piston training aircraft. Due to the type of propeller, it achieves identical flight characteristics as the Cessna 152..

It is one of the most widespread training aircraft in the whole world, and pilots have been learning to fly on the same design for almost half a century. High aerodynamic stability and ease of control make this aircraft an ideal choice for Training and Local flights.

The engine power of 100 horsepower contributes to the economic operation and thus the favorable price of the flight hour..

OK-UWA is approved for VFR day and night flights and has a radio with 8.33 kHz radio band spacing.

This aircraft is ideal for PPL training and an economical option for Time-Buidling.


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